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    pane, both sides peripheral ear within an urban setting

    field recordings, common sound-system, open window, ~45', 2020


    spectral rattler (11hz)

    electronics, 35', 2019


    all those chords for one (for bowed electric guitar and daw), ca 41h 30', 2019


    piano, clarinet, violin, vibraphone (for kwartludium ensemble), ca 17', 2019


    music for a documentary film by julia gutweniger & florian kofler, 2019

    field recordings, common sound-system, open window, ~45', 2020


    fossil sound

    performance for stone and human bodies, composed in collaboration with marit mihklep

    ~40', 2019


    a particular window

    flute, clarinet, violin, cello, 20', 2019


    …moves the air moves the ear…

    for the organ of OLVB chapel in brugge, be, ~60', 2018


    in 28' 42'' (for sustaining instruments and amplified percussion)     

    quartet of sustaining instruments, two percussionists, 28'42", 2018


    untitled (for chest organ)

    chest organ, ~60', 2018


    quartet for one

    bowed electric guitar, daw, ~85', 2017


    study of ten sines

    fixed media, 16'02'', 2013/2017


    kur ir šeit?

    mona de bo (harmonium, drums, guitar), 2017, 2xlp, digital


    piece for six clarinets (by way of la monte young's "drift study")     

    39'14'', 2017


    negative twins

    generative, 52'…120', 2016


    bērnības sapnis

    score for dance performance by agnese bordjukova, ~40, 2016



    score for video installation by ieva epnere, 20', 2016


    two years since

    bowed piano, percussion, saxophone, trombone, d-bass, electronics, ~24', 2016



    mixed choir, ~8', 2015



    chest organ, tape, ~5', 2016



    mona de bo, 2015


    a year since

    tape piece, ~9', 2015


    code work

    tape piece, ~10', 2015



    generative, ~19', 2014


    phase catalogue

    fixed media, ~5', 2014



    skaņu meža ieraksti, 2014, cassette


    temple of sound

    arutjunjans, rubenis, skyr, 2013


    pag pag

    mona de bo, 2012


    nekavējies, šīs ir spēles ar tevi

    mona de bo, 2010


    mona de bo

    mona de bo, 2008